About Us

Most tasks imply solutions,
and we’re able to find them.

Aterise came into existence as a custom software development company aimed at providing best-in-class development services. Since we started cooperating with the USA Silicon Valley & Japanese companies, that helped form specific approaches towards clients’ business tasks understanding & solving. Our team had a chance to gain considerable experience working with multinational corporations and elaborating the most optimal solutions. We’ve embodied this expertise into a perfectly-functioning system with never-ending evolvement.

Why are we different

We keep focus on complex non-trivial tasks which require exceptional solving approaches. Aterise team enjoys the usage of advanced technologies so as to increase the efficiency & ROI of our solutions. Experience attained through working with a number of respected international companies as well as advanced engineering practices application let us fulfill out of the ordinary clients expectations on a high quality level. Full customer satisfaction is what we strive for.

Engineering culture

Aterise has developed certain approaches towards the team formation. We pay particular attention to the team spirit since only highly-motivated developers and QA engineers can achieve superlative results.


Taking on off the beaten track tasks where standard approaches don’t fit. Embedding future-oriented solutions and letting businesses operate faster & smarter.

External Values

Customer satisfaction
Mutually beneficial processes optimization
Aligning our services with your business stability
Long-term & stable cooperation

Internal Values

Team-oriented approach
Technology motivating approach
(skills development & new technologies continuous introduction)

Business Cases

Take a closer look at our projects. Get a deeper insight of what we do at Aterise.

Clever Thing

For the Clever Thing client Aterise has enforced a critical business process helping the company grow bigger and expand its operations.

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There's a prototype created with the artificial intelligence technology to predict the behavior of the system in high loaded environment (processor resources, random access memory, net resources, hard drive resources). This is a learning self-educating system with the help of A.I. algorithms.

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Clear Sight

For Clear Sight Aterise has created a new flexible advertising channel for the usage on mobile and web applications.

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Big Data Stack

Aterise developed a functional frontend system with an opportunity for further backend integration based on Customer’s mockup. The project resulted in a developed software which predicts people’s movements along the area which has beacons placed around. The software uses data taken from the accelerometer and user phone’s compass with the software set up on the phone.

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Ad Fire

Aterise is a software development company with a strong team of senior experts, catering for its global clientele with innovative cost-effective solutions across different industry verticals.We take you from potential to performance, help you develop your business with planning, architecture, design, development, QA and customer support. For Add Fire Aterise is acting as a technology partner, working on an online marketing solution.

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