Smart Advertising Platform


Duration: 14 months
Industry: Marketing and Advertising
Location: North America, Europe, and Japan
Employees: Over 800
Revenue: $139.5 million


The client is an established company, one of the leaders in the online marketing space. The utilization of complex AI technologies and advanced algorithms allowed them to optimize ad placement, adding a bigger level of flexibility to marketing campaigns and maximizing the effectiveness of incoming marketing budgets



Our client’s performance allowed them to gain the trust of more than 500 biggest world brands, and regular wonderful client feedback constantly prove their advantage over competitors, even the biggest ones. Besides running marketing campaigns, the customer’s product had another distinct key feature. While working, the system produces vast amounts of different data, which can be used to build non-trivial reports, giving not only statistics on campaign progress, but providing important insights on a target audience. This helps gain new insights and bring standalone value for a marketer


The key element of the whole product is an advanced control panel app. And while the product is growing and developing, the control panel grows along with all the new features, and even established functionality has to receive periodic updates and polishings. The Control panel application is designed to handle all user interaction with the system: manage media resources, create and manage campaigns, set goals, and watch over their progress. The application can be used by both external clients, and internal customer employees, who provide support, precise optimization, and campaign management services to other users

The big part of the app is optimized to work with a vast info array – the largest campaigns which are currently in progress and contain near 2.000 various media assets, and the user interface is built to make interactions in such cases as simple and seamless as possible


We took part in Control Panel development as a technology partner since its initial steps, and for a long time, we have been working along with our customer, facing challenges and contributing to the most technologically complex and valuable parts of the app, the ones which required special technical expertise and highest quality standards. Based on deep customer satisfaction, we have expanded our collaboration, and are continuing our work for further system improvements and evolution



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