Customizing BSS product for Ride-sharing Services Provider

Services, that are used by 50 million people throughout 16 markets and 150 cities



Industry: Vehicle for hire
Location: Austria, Germany
Employees: around 1,000
Duration: 8 months, ongoing


Germany’s multi-service mobility joint venture provides micro-mobility services such as e-scooters, e-bikes, e-Vespas, and automobile sharing. At the moment – it is Europe’s largest multi-service mobility provider and Latin America’s fastest-growing ride-hailing business


Ride-sharing companies must be accessible in real-time, which necessitates a useful and user-friendly user experience. Our client is no exception, delivering pleasant ride-hailing to tens of thousands of consumers every day in more than 100 locations across the world

  • Cutting-edge technology and the most recent client-side guidelines are utilized to produce a seamless service
  • A contemporary approach to system design has been taken in compliance with the current industry standards to ensure excellent application performance
  • The ride-sharing app’s design has always prioritized performance and service availability, allowing it to manage millions of requests each day and serve tens of thousands of customers daily

The biggest challenge for this type of product is gaining consumer loyalty. To achieve this result when designing a product, it is necessary to follow the latest trends in technological solutions and design the system to handle hundreds of thousands of requests without delays or any downtime. Taken together, these points will build a loyal customer base and compete with other companies such as Uber and Lyft

On top of that, it was essential to have a well-functioning system that efficiently manages the connection with thousands of people and dozens of franchises all over the world, in other words, establish and run a top-notch business support system (BSS).

The major aim was to give the maximum level of automation and quickest data processing in all fundamental systems, as well as providing users with useful tools to execute the activities listed below:

  • Adapt invoicing and accounting workflows and reports to meet the requirements and rules of the customer
  • Process data on ride-hailing service usage statistics obtained from the core customer’s systems via the reverse flow of data
  • Improve the efficiency of the process of producing a large number of service bundles
  • Ascertain that the product is quick, dependable, and easy to use
  • Ensure the application’s quick extension and localization to diverse regions of the world


To achieve the goals and overcome the difficulties, Aterise performs the following research, development, and implementation initiatives:

  • Create a means to integrate and use the BSS platform’s features and capabilities concerning ride-sharing apps
  • Configure the business logic (users, statuses, transitions, entities, billing, etc.)
  • Gather information for service packages with care and precision, then translate it into a technical implementation

Taking into account all of the aforementioned goals and conditions, we devised the following approach to attain the desired outcome:

  • Established a dedicated team of highly experienced experts, including 1 Business Analyst, 2 Software Engineers (for backend and frontend), and 1 QA Engineer, who would get a deeper understanding of both client operations and platform characteristics
  • Completed workflows, basic services and service package building logic, taxonomy, computations, statistics, and other customizations
  • Carried out a constant testing
  • Provided steady support and rapid adjustments

Aterise has demonstrated the provision of exceptional professional services related to the ride-sharing platform

  • The team of Aterise engineers easily deployed and integrated BSS Customization services into the ride-sharing application architecture
  • The customer has now increased BSS automation substantially, saved money, and deployed new or better operations and practices quickly. These efforts continue to get support from our development team
  • The ride-sharing company continues to incorporate more solutions from third-party providers due to our solution’s great performance and architecture

Both the ride-hailing vendor and the BSS-platform end-client appreciated Aterise’s contribution

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