Job Hunting Mobile Application


Duration: 5 months
Industry: Healthcare
Location: USA


The client is a startup run by HR and recruitment professionals aiming to facilitate job and candidate search in the restaurant business



Aterise was required to develop a mobile (iOS and Android) application to facilitate the job hunting process by providing targeted well-structured criteria for all the participants and making the process faster and more convenient via the easy-to-use intuitive app. The application needed the following features:

  • A list of temporary and permanent job options
  • Communication channel for candidates and employers
  • Seeing user location
  • Engagement with users via the camera in a mobile device
  • Phone number verification via SMS
  • Specification of names by job followers in travel mode
  • Car sharing if a car is a way of traveling
  • Ability to find a part-time job, check all the details including the address, and set a user’s departure point
  • Invite friends and share job vacancies


During the development phase, the dedicated team shared their vision with the customer and brought some fresh ideas into the project. The result of the teamwork became an application of calibrated program logic which responded to both the customer’s and the market’s needs

Finally, Aterise created a cutting-edge mobile product for Android and iOS. The application possesses high throughput and stability levels. Every implemented feature had been tested before we demonstrated the results to the customer

We employed React Native technology to develop applications for iOS and Android operating systems simultaneously. Thus, it allowed us to speed up the app development process

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