Advanced Mobile Banking


Duration: 8 months, ongoing
Industry: Finance and Banking
Location: Germany


The client is German bank, one of the leaders in online banking, operating globally and rapidly scaling its online retail operations by offering financial products via next-gen online digital services and highly enjoyable online user experience. The bank’s strategy involves holding and expanding solid position on an digital servicing and mobile banking


The client already had its fully developed web version of online banking application and tooled up infrastructure. Aterise team was required to design and develop and securely integrate a new mobile app. The customer required the application to be fully up-to-date with cutting-edge features, such as:

  • Opening account in minutes
  • Having personal financial management at hand
  • Hassle-free money transfers
  • Placing loan applications and opening credit lines directly from the app
  • Supporting custom partner discount programs generating a barcode


Aterise team delivered a convenient and secure mobile application with all the features requested features. Now, the bank’s clients can open their accounts within 7 minutes, confirming their identity via a short video call. Our team has also added such features as:

  • Activating/deactivating overdrafts
  • Setting card limits
  • Making payments abroad
  • Making online payments via Apple Pay
  • Transferring money via SEPA

The security of the app and transactions was of crucial importance for us, so it was developed in compliance with banking regulations. The application met all the requirements and covered the announced business needs of our customer

The brand-new mobile application attracted a considerable number of new bank clients. The smart mobile payment system granted the existing digital bank an opportunity to gain a competitive edge within the industry and provided an advantage over other banks in Germany and abroad

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