VALOR Prime: NFT Marketplace


Industry: Crypto/Blockchain/NFT
Location: Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein
Employees: Over 50
Duration: 9 months, ongoing


The client is a European financial technology company that runs a cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange — a platform which brings decentralized finance and the modern world together, boosts revenue and capital turnover


Smart Valor was one of the first firms to use tokenization and decentralized finance when it was founded in the Swiss Crypto Valley in 2017. Forbes named Smart Valor as one of Europe’s Top 10 Tech SMBs, and the company is currently leading the way with its fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange and digital asset marketplace

For investors and collectors, non-fungible tokens (NFT) are the next big thing. Digital Art is one of the NFTs that has a lot of potential in the near future. According to data, the traditional art market has had a market valuation of almost $65 billion in recent years. Smart Valor’s brand-new NFT platform will largely focus on identifying and providing access to the best prospects in the digital art sector


Aterise has already been working on Smart Valor’s first major product, Digital Asset Exchange, and has proven to be a reliable software development partner. As a result, when Smart Valor sought assistance with an exciting new initiative, we got engaged in the development and launch of the new NFT platform as well. This featured a well-structured team setup and an ambitious ramp-up strategy for a dedicated staff of engineers to productively realize the envisioned concepts and solutions


Aterise was challenged with a new direction in the field of cryptocurrency — development, and release of the NFT platform on top of the Smart Valor’s ground base crypto-fiat exchange platform

The main tasks were to research the NFT niche and elaborate the implementation of NFT trading platform with the latest technologies and cutting-edge features while ensuring the proper realization of the business vision

One of the major challenges would be to plan development and support management to meet a pre-scheduled release date under the pressure of several scope-related and technical uncertainties and risks

In addition to the core objectives, we recognized the following topics, each requiring special attention:

  • Creating a data model and the product MVP’s first scope
  • Completing the MVP and deliver the first NFT product on schedule
  • Assuring a high level of security and performance
  • Full integration of Valor Prime with Smart Valor Digital Asset Exchange
  • Continually enhancing the user experience

Aterise assembled an expert dedicated team with strong Fintech knowledge consisting of backend and frontend specialists, business analyst, and QA engineers. The development team communicated closely with the engineering team on Smart Valor’s side and followed the product roadmap under Agile methodology

Thanks to our rich expertise in Fintech and Blockchain, we were able to implement an innovative and high-quality product in a timely manner, meeting the tough deadlines and effectively managing scope and timeline challenges

  • Aterise team completed the MVP of the product in accordance with the customer’s goals and expectations, as evidenced by publicly available quarterly reports showing that the company’s turnover is increasing rapidly and that the roadmap plans are being implemented on schedule
  • We were able to stay below budget thanks to careful planning and the proper approach during the discovery phase
  • One of the main сhallanges we managed to implement – full integration of Valor Prime with the wallet of the main Smart Valor Digital Asset Exchange platform to make payments in any currency. For both systems, this capability is built on a single user base
  • We increased security by adopting two-factor authentication, OTC confirmations, and incorporating Anti-Phishing coding into email notifications

Currently, Valor Prime is in active development, and we are constantly working to add new features and enhance the user experience

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