Building up a Comprehensive
Fintech Application
Aterise has maintained its focus on fintech, architecting digital banking and payment solutions.
The company has been concentrating on gaining extensive experience in technology development and innovation, as well as in understanding the intricacies of business processes and essential functional requirements.
Our focus extends to a multitude
of digital financial products
and Online
Banking Service
Payments &
Digital Wallets
Banking Apps
Trading and
Trusted by Industry Leaders 
Aterise is the preferred choice for banks, financial institutions, insurers, and global Fintech players, earning their trust through reliable solutions.
With over 7 years of experience, Aterise has consistently delivered robust solutions to innovators and industry leaders. Our track record speaks for itself.
Build your top-notch
fintech product
  • Strict accounting systems implementations, integrations with payment providers
  • Invoicing, business period reporting
  • Monetary calculation, statistics and valuation
  • Transaction orchestration
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Account balance management, multi-asset accounts, subaccounts, account limit tiers
  • Transaction authorisation policies
  • P2P, A2A payments
  • Embedded mobile payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay etc.)
Integrating data providers and external systems
  • 3rd-party API and data source integration
  • Management of data synchronisation issues, error and throttling management
  • Data aggregation and reporting
  • Statistical data normalisation and data quality assessment
Loan products
  • BNPL, instalment loans, overdrafts, emergency loans, microloans
  • Saving accounts, shared accounts, target saving account (user savings goals)
  • Loyalty programs
  • Loan contract monitoring, portfolio analysis, dunning procedures
Operator Workstations
and User Interfaces
  • UX expertise building and maintenance of high quality user facing applications
  • Backoffice systems
  • Implementation of user communication sub-systems
  • Business process analyses, requirements design and documentation
KYC, AML and
regulatory compliance
  • Building KYC workflows, flexible collection and secure storage of personal data
  • Integration with identity check providers
  • Implementation of customers onboarding workflows
  • Back office support status monitoring and risk assessment
  • AML and regulatory compiance
Our team's products and solutions encompass advanced technology, state-of-the-art mechanics and intelligent algorithms
  • Risk management
  • Prediction-based data collection
  • Advanced fraud filters
  • Sentiment analysis
  • High-accuracy rating and decision-making
  • Advanced data consistency and integrity checks
  • Providing advanced mechanisms of data access control
  • Information search, collection, analysis, and aggregation
  • Automated voice, image, documents processing, and relevant data extraction
We provide full-cycle service
Centralise control over your fleet, users, subscriptions, company operations, and crucial administrative settings through a unified platform with role-based access control, ensuring secure and efficient management. 
Product Design
Aterise's Fintech professionals handle functional design, requirements specification, and UX/UI design. We offer rapid Proof of Concept (PoC) and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development to mitigate delivery risks and accelerate time-to-market.
We deliver a clear technical overview of your IT ecosystem and software architecture, ensuring high security, performance, and scalability for seamless operations.
Fintech Application
Aterise specializes in developing Fintech software from the ground up and digitizing existing financial products. We transition offline procedures and workflows to online automated experiences, incorporating cutting-edge technology.
Dedicated Teams
With extensive experience, Aterise seamlessly integrates specialized Fintech teams into existing product structures and development processes. This facilitates quicker scaling and expansion for our customers.
Maintenance and
We provide continuous support throughout the product lifecycle, ensuring essential features and improvements. This enables continuous maintenance and enhancement of the product.
Migration from Legacy
Aterise empowers outdated products by modernizing and refactoring them. We facilitate a smooth transition from legacy to modern technologies and architectures, ensuring your products stay relevant in today's dynamic landscape.

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