Building an

Application for


Mobility Solutions

Accelerate Your Mobility-as-a-Service

Launch: Develop a Super App Covering Car Sharing, Car
Rental, bike, scooter and other micromobility sharing.

Core Components for a Successful Mobility App

Explore a dynamic aggregator for constructing location-driven applications and services, providing users with personalised maps, real-time information,
and individualised suggestions.


Verify customer or business identity remotely using advanced technology.

Driver licence

Authenticate driver licenses to ensure compliance and safety.

Keyles Vehicle

Access vehicles securely without physical keys.


Track assets in real-time for efficient management and security.


Access accurate navigation information instantly for efficient route planning.

External Map Providers

Incorporate maps from various providers seamlessly into the system.

In-App Payments and Purchases

Facilitate secure transactions and purchases within the application.

Notification service

Enable users to receive and exchange system and marketing notifications.

Centralised Fleet Management
Control Panel

Centralised platform enabling to control and to manage fleet operations and

Oversight Dashboard

Verify customer or business identity remotely using advanced technology.

Multirole Users Management

Manage users roles and permissions effectively within the system.

KReal-time Vehicle Information

Access up-to-date vehicles information instantly.

Adaptive Pricing System

An integrated tool which enables users to adjust pricing system for its services.

Comprehensive Reporting
and Analytics

Generate detailed reports and analytics for informed decision-making.

Remote Maintenance
Control System

Manage and control vehicle maintenance remotely for optimal performance.

Key Elements to Power Your
Comprehensive Mobility App  

Launch Your Mobility-as-a-Service Enterprise. Develop a Multi-Modal MaaS
Application for Complete Mobility Solutions.

Development of the
vehicle sharing app
Tailored for Riders

Transform the transportation experience with cutting-edge mobile app, prioritising user-friendly interfaces and advanced features to redefine how people navigate and access transportation services.

Mobile apps for
operations teams

Streamline internal processes, enable efficient task management,
real-time communication, and seamless coordination between
field and back-office departments.

Advanced backo ffice with multi role
user management system

Centralise control over your fleet, users, subscriptions, company operations,
and crucial administrative settings through a unified platform with role-based
access control, ensuring secure and efficient management. 

Unsure of the starting point?

LElevate your edge over competitors and expedite your product launch with our
top-tier MVP development services.


We plan the development process in a fully transparent way, making visible for a client all possible risks and introducing risk mitigation activities


We set up clear development milestones, often kicking off with an MVP to speed up time-to-market, and incrementally advancing the fully-featured solution


Aterise chooses a best-fit development methodology depending on software requirements, business goals, and implementation context

Schedule a meeting with our team to plan the next iteration cycle, guaranteeing continuous
improvement aligned with your evolving business goals.

We can assist you in
building the Advanced Mobile
Solutions for

Innovate the way ride-hailing drivers handle their duties, maximise income potential, and offer outstanding service to passengers.

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