At Aterise, we continuously accumulate industry knowledge and always come up with the most suitable solutions and features

7+ years of delivering valuable software for a number of verticals


For the past several years Aterise has been keeping the focus on banking and fintech solutions. It’s proved by our expertise and prosperous products we’ve created that Aterise is capable of all things digital banking and financing and has the power to achieve higher heights in this particular domain

Finance and banking solutions brought by Aterise

  • Financial processing platforms
  • Digital credit suite
  • Financial decision-making & risk management
  • Data collection, aggregation, and reporting
  • Accounts management
  • Conducting transactions that ensure the consistency and personal data security


The retail & wholesale sector is full of technological solutions which might seem quite complex in their architecture & maintenance. Aterise team has chosen the path of always accepting complicated and interesting tasks turning them into powerful and meaningful products. We gained considerable experience in the field of retail & wholesale having shown our full potential to the clients

Retail and wholesale solutions brought by Aterise

  • Business processes automation in the field of retail
  • Customer behavior data collection aimed at analyzing & forecasting
  • Automated cross-continental call center
  • AI-based training analytics for sales managers and specialists communicating directly with the clients


At Aterise, we know the high value of a proper and systematized education process. We’ve gone a clear-cut way of developing a number of beneficial education products which helped arrange the learning process and improve the substantial amount of the workflow processing

Solutions for education brought by Aterise

  • Students’ cards management system
  • Organizational structure management system
  • Campus resources management system
  • Auditorium load & schedule planning management system
  • Educational programs management system
  • LMS (learning management system)
  • Academic calendar management system


Along with fintech, banking, retail & other considerable domains, Aterise has gone as well technologically far in the entertainment sector. The represented solutions below explain how imaginative and technically strong our team is to cope with unusual and complex goals.

Entertainment solutions brought by Aterise

  • Effective advertising channel implementation for the premium video ads streaming
  • AI-based interactive advertisement & suggestion assistant for public transportation
  • Interactive, secure location-aware audio guide for excursions providing unique visitor experience and aimed at data collection


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