Application Modernization

Transit to improved performance and productivity. Reduce maintenance costs

Application refactoring. Migration from legacy. Revamping front-end apps and UIs

Detecting bottlenecks 

Investigate and analyze your application and receive comprehensive suggestions for improvements

Optimizing costs

Develop a customized strategy for the modernization of your apps by your needs

Ensuring uninterrupted operations 

Approve your IT infrastructure while changing the system’s structure at the same time. Other modifications are done at the same time to fully use the cloud

Improving performance

Reconstruct and subtly modify the code of your applications to achieve the greatest optimization of your codebase and project packages

Transiting to distributed architectures

Bundle your programs or their pieces into packages that are separated from each other and deployed in cloud, which gives the application better scalability and boost performance

Migrating to cloud

Perform the legacy to cloud migration to get the full benefits of cloud adoption. Leverage cloud-native architectures to re-architect apps

Modify your legacy applications to provide your products more agility and efficiency


Aterise starts with a detailed analysis of an existing solution.  We investigate the goals of the product, its target market, the way it works in production, and copes with the current tasks


The analysis is carried out regarding all points of view, including the architecture of the code, costs of its change, stability, the number of bugs, extensibility, support costs, user satisfaction, and potential for expansion


We don’t only perform knowledge transfer, but also arrange the full takeover for the product/solution to be handled to ensure the customer’s satisfaction


We apply our deep technical expertise to analyze the existing legacy code. A set of metrics and proven evaluation criteria are collected from the top industry standards to assess the quality of the code, recognize architectural patterns, evaluate the possibility of re-using or refactoring legacy code


Based on the analysis of the existing solution, Aterise elaborates recommendations for further product development taking into account product development roadmap, business objectives, and requirements


We lean towards the improvements of the existing working code by iterating the improvements and applying thorough regression testing. In case it is reasonable, we rework the entire solution or its separate modules

Alongside the modernization process, Aterise helps implement top-notch development methodologies and tools

Tech stack optimization

The use of modern advanced technologies is often optimal both in terms of product maintenance costs and for eliminating known security vulnerabilities. Upgrading tech stack or migrating to the new one requires thorough investigations

Where reasonable, we offer tech stack optimization based on our technical and business analysis, making sure the modernization result provides the next level of productivity, performance, and reliability compared to legacy system

We overcome the following modernization problems

Difficulties by anticipating modernization consequences 

We understand the importance of risk management and do a complete study of the enterprise-grade app based on technical, business, and financial factors

No genuine or thorough documentation is available

To seamlessly replace a legacy application, we gather business workflow from current application code and documentation, analyze code dependencies and component integrations, and augment documentation as needed so that you have сontinuous access to this knowledge

A disconnect between Business and Development teams

It is not uncommon for business teams to make product technology decisions without consulting with developers. This leads to unexpected outcomes. We help prevent such cases and suggest ways to optimize this communication for the success of your product

Time and Costs of Application Modernization

Our company has a three-principle strategy for application modernization that ensures enterprise success and significantly reduces the amount of time and money: simplicity, performance, and investment return


Aterise is always committed to long-term collaboration

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