Product Workshop

Research process that allows you reduce risks and ensure predictability

Planning and developing software products to meet strategic objectives


  • Software requirements specification
  • Technical solution
  • UI wireframes or dynamic prototype
  • Reliable estimates
  • Product Roadmap
  • Project plan


  • Business analysis
  • Functional requirements management
  • Non-functional requirements management
  • Software architecture design
  • Defining critical path and scoping milestones
  • Defining the optimal development team

From idea understanding to product success

Until diving into the comprehensive concept implementation, Phase 0 Projects include the framework and budget to identify the problem and analyze possible solutions.

Recognize and characterize the objective scope

Clarify and understand the requirements

Conceptualize System Architecture

Business Analysis and Final Selectio

Calculate the effort required for the Detailed Design Phase


Clear comprehension of your needs

We enjoy brainstorming creative solutions to challenging problems. Our experts help customers achieve a clear understanding of the product, its goals and functionality and implement it using innovative frameworks and tools

Vision and scope

The discovery phase is a study and planning phase where Business Analysts, Software Architects, and other Aterise experts collaborate to future product strategic vision, outline the scope of work, elaborate the best architectural approach, and high-level development roadmap

Total cost of ownership

We plan and project TCO considering the development budget, support and maintenance expenses, and infrastructure cost. In parallel, we use best practices to find ways to cut both mid-term and long-term costs to reduce TCO for our customers

Software requirements

Focusing on your business needs, not tools

Gathering, processing, formalizing and managing software requirements is a cornerstone for software development processes. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to collecting and recognizing the software requirements to be complete, clear, and consistent


For ensuring easy-to-use products in documented expectations (productivity, performance, user friendliness, etc.)


The most crucial and important part in every kind of the software development process. We follow the latest trends of the security mechanisms and encryption for products reliability and image.


Functions the software must perform (data manipulation, user interaction, business process, etc.)


Needed to ensure the overall software system’s usability and effectiveness, define a software system’s consistency attribute.


The foundation of project transparency


A roadmap is a strategic plan that outlines the main steps or milestones that must be completed to get to the project and product objectives. We help build clear and realistic roadmaps,  detect challenges and gaps, prioritize tasks and resource allocation, and set practical targets for project planning


Development strategy

Successful projects are well run. We select development strategies based on business context, budget restrictions and time-to-market requirements. The incremental delivery with reaching an MVP and further continuous improvement is the most common at Aterise. However, a variety of approaches is available for specific cases 



It’s critical to produce reliable cost estimates for a project. We assist our clients in successfully budgeting for the project and find ways to reduce costs and mitigate budget risks. Our approach to budgeting relies on identifying and accounting all the important cost-centers inside the software development process.



During the forecasting and planning stages of a project, we create timelines for the whole project and for each of the milestones, based on the product strategy. Aterise takes into account not only assessed efforts and team composition, but also develops the most efficient feature implementation sequence


Effort estimtes

Accurate and reliable estimations is always a challenge, as it requires multi-factor analysis that includes not only the necessary level of engineering skill for specific tasks, but understanding of the scope interrelations, feature implementation pre-requisites and other constraints. We take the estimation process seriously, considering a variety of factors impacting the realistic effort planning.

Team structure

Team structure

Depending on the efforts and timelines required we define the team that is appropriate in configuration, expertise, and commitment to your project. Our approach allows to effectively manage time-resources-quality conflicts.  In most cases we form full-stack Agile teams that include SCRUM master, UI designers, developers, testers and are supported by DevOps and Business Analysts

Development methodology

Choosing the most appropriate software development approach for your product


As the most critical aspect of software development, we plan the architecture of the product to make it easier to manage, improve and maintain. Aterise follows the latest trends and in most cases we use Microservices architecture and Cloud computing


At phase 0, depending on the solution and the
selected process, we choose the technology that is most suitable for this implementation. We use both the latest technologies and frameworks, as well as proven technologies for quality development of your product


Aterise’s experts mostly use Agile to minimize risks. We are certain that this is the most effective way to handle the processes. The key benefit of agile software development is that it allows software to be released in iterations. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all projects. In some cases, we’ve even had success with Waterfall


Based on project form, certain aspects must be considered when choosing the appropriate development tools. The performance and productivity of the product are influenced by the production tool chosen. We increase the effectiveness and quality of your products by using the most up-to-date development tools that are simple to implement and use


Aterise is always committed to long-term productive collaboration

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